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Making facebook like in blog (blogspot), generally there are several types and ways of placement. These types include facebook like box and facebook like button. For placement it can be done in the post / article or in the article, in the gadget menu for example.

Facebook like box is usually placed outside the post, can be up, down, right or left side, depending on how much. But for facebook like button it is suggested placement done in blog post / article. Advantages of installing facebook like this on blog / web is one of them, if later there are blog visitors who read our articles and they like or think our writing is useful, then they can recommend our article to facebook via like button. Moreover, today facebook is the most visited site on the Internet, it is unlikely that later visitors to our site come from facebook.
Here are 3 tips for placing facebook like inside and outside post:

Make facebook like outside blog post

To implement this way, first we have to create a facebook like box, please read the article like install facebook like box on blog to make it. If you still do not have a fanpage for your blog, please also read how to make facebook fanspage. Once the like box is done, just copy and paste the HTML code that you get when creating like box into the GADGET blog.

Make facebook like under post title

To make facebook like under the blog title, we will not use like box anymore, but instead use LIKE BUTTON which has been provided by Facebook Developers. The steps are as follows:

1. Open a new tab, copy and visit the following url https://developers.facebook.com/docs/reference/plugins/like/
2. Enter your Facebook Page URL into the TO TOUR URL field. Please customize your appearance according to your own creations. Usually I do not use SHOW FACES in this way, so that the like button looks united with the Article. The image of the show will be as below:

3. When finished, click GET CODE. Select HTML5 in the plugin plugins shown. In HTML5 there are two different codes of code # 1 and code # 2, then these two codes will be inserted into the blog template.

4. On another tab, open DASHBOARD BLOGGER – TEMPLATE – EDIT HTML – tick Checklist on EXPAND TEMPLATE WIDGET. (Before starting a template edit it might be better to download the full template first, to anticipate if an error occurred while editing the template for it to be restored as before).

5. Find the <body> code, use CTRL + F to make it easy to search. Then Copy code # 1 UNDER BOTH code <body>

6. Next look for code <data: post.body />. If there are two data codes: post.body, then select the second code, the distance is not far with the first code. (Sometimes each template is different data: post.body if it is given readmore). Next copy the code # 2 ONLY <data: post.body />.

7. Use PREVIEW to check for errors or not. Click SAVE TEMPLATE to end. The result will be as in the picture below:

Make facebook like under the article

Making facebook like can also be placed at the end of an article or post. It’s easy to place the placement. We just do the same way as above. The only difference is that there is a code placement to # 2.
1. Like the previous way, place code # 1 ONLY BECOMED code <body>

2. Now the difference is here, place code # 2 BEFORE <data: post.body />

3. SAVE TEMPLATE to end. Completed.

Make facebook like for articles / non fanspage

This last way we just add like button only, without using fanpage. Like this button works to “browse” and submit articles to our facebook friends.
Steps to install it as follows:

2. Find the code <data: post.body />, if there is 2 then select the data: post.body the second.

3. Copy this code:

<div id = ‘fb-root’ /> <script src = ‘http: //connect.facebook.net/en_US/all.js#xfbml=1’/> <fb: like font =’ ‘href =’ ‘ layout = ‘button_count’ send = ‘true’ show_faces = ‘false’ width = ‘450’ />

and place TRUE BELOW code <data: post.body /> then facebook like will be at the end of the article / post.

If you want to put it under the post title, just place the code RIGHT TODAY code <data: post.body />

4. SAVE TEMPLATE, and the result will be like on facebook like that is at the end of this article.

So here are some quick tips on how to make facebook like in blogs, this way has proven successful. The proof can be seen in all of these blog articles. Hopefully useful.


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