Axis And XL Unite

By | 22 October 2017

To improve the quality of Indonesia’s telecommunications network then 2 large carriers, xl and official axis join into one operator. Now stronger communication is stronger signal and less communication.

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Supported with tens of thousands of BTSs and xl networks that have reached across all of Indonesia’s regions and axis networks that have spread across Java, Sumatra and several other islands will make these two major operators strong competitors in the world of telecommunications Indonesia and become a major threat to other large operators

An axis and xl card will enjoy the special tariff of the phone to the xl or axis at a very affordable cost and a rich bonus following this scheme

Simply call for a fee of Rp1.750 / minute and then free the phone 200 minutes to xl and axis

SMS Rp700 next free unlimited sms to all axis and xl + 100 sms to other operator

In addition to enjoying the special tariffs of axis and xl customers can also use 2 different networks, such as if your area does not have an axis network then you can still use an axis card using xl network. Because xl and axis plan to unify their 2 networks into a stronger network

AXIS has also issued a special flagship powered by XL, this premiere we can get at the nearest graha and outlet in your city, customers will also enjoy the special tariff of the phone and sms to axis and xl, for the tariff to other operators are also affordable

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