Axis Daily Internet Package Rp1000

By | 22 October 2017

Daily axis internet packages. You are a handpone user and want a cheap internet for one day only, then the internet package from this axis is perfect for you, only Rp1.000 then you can enjoy internet quota of 15 MB and can be used full day to use to access all the realm of the internet

Axis is one of the new mobile providers in Indonesia, although it is new but the axis suda network reaches almost all Java and Sumatra islands that include 2G networks and 3G networks that will empower customers with speed and network stability at relatively low cost

This package is one of the latest services from the axis intended to mobile phone users and lightweight internet users who want a cheaper quota package every day. We can use this package for browsing, downloading, uploading and streaming video as well as various other Internet activity using mobile phones.

I recommend that you use this mobile phone as this package is somewhat cheaper than the daily package offered by other operators, but for modem users I recommend trying other packages because this 15 MB quota will not be enough to access the internet via modem. Maybe it’s only possible access the internet for 2 minutes, then the quota runs out

Info Axis Daily Internet Package

Active time
Every day
15 MB

How to Sign Up Axis Daily Internet Package

Press * 123 # OK / YES and follow the next instructions

Terms and Conditions of Axis Daily Internet Package

Rates include Ppn 10%
Package can be enjoyed by all axis customers
Packages can be used for 24 hours
Daily internet packages can be viewed from October 12, 2012

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