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Telkomsel Flash-Flash Turbo Internet Package

This turbo flash internet package is one of the products of telkomsel flash internet package consisting of ultima package, optima package and midhight package. The above package has internet tariff scheme that can be tailored to your needs, whether lightweight internet user or heavy internet and can be used for smartphone , tablet and modem… Read More »

Telkomsel Flash Packages -Midnight Flash Unlimited

This Midnight Flash Unlimited package is the latest internet package from telkomsel, this package is intended for heavy internet users whose use of the Internet is larger than other users, such as downloading large file uploads from the internet, or streaming video that will definitely be consuming large quota. Well, this package is presented to… Read More »

Paket Telkomsel Flash Internet, Flash Optima

US Card Internet Packages, Optima Flash. This is one of the telkomsel mainstay internet services that will provide super fast and controllable internet experience without fear of additional charges, this package is dedicated to lightweight internet users especially for handpgone users, for modem users and heavy internet users please use the internet sympathy package, which… Read More »

Telkomsel-Simpati Talkmania Cheap Package

Cheap telkomsel packages. Telkomsel as one of the largest operators in Indonesia continues to strive to provide the best service For consumers many ways consumers have done since they are improving their network strengths, and offer many services that will make customers satisfied with this telkomsel Telkomsel has the strongest network of diindonesia supported by… Read More »

Blackberry Enterprice Service-XL Blackbery Premium Services

Balckberry Enterprice Service is a blackberry package provided For those of you who are suited to ex-executive and productive lives, such as office professionals who want exsclusive services For their communication needs. Adapting to your needs with a variety of exsklusif services from xl If today there are many cheap blackberry packages available from various… Read More »


How this internet banking standalone listing is addressed to Bank Mandiri customers who want to use the internet banking facility from Bank Mandiri. Bank Mandiri has been established since 25 years ago, on October 2, 1998. PT. Bank Mandiri (PERSERO) Tbk, headquartered in Jakarta. The bank is also the largest bank in the field of… Read More »

Paket Biaya Tarif Murah indosat IM3 SMS Rp 0,1

The low cost package of indosat IM3 0.1 was once boming at the beginning of 2013, this package provides innovative phone packages and cheap sms for a complimentary 250 SMS and phone tariff of Rp 0.1 for a whole day. But as time goes by the packet is replaced by the presence of new innovative… Read More »

Smartfreen Connex Internet Package

Smartfreen conex Internet package .Smartfreen is one of Indonesia’s best cdma providers with millions of customers all over the world. Most of these customers are internet users and want super fast intertnet speed but remain stable. With our telkomsel we can internet with speed up to 14.7 mbps supported by a strong telkomsel network it… Read More »

Axis Daily Internet Package Rp1000

Daily axis internet packages. You are a handpone user and want a cheap internet for one day only, then the internet package from this axis is perfect for you, only Rp1.000 then you can enjoy internet quota of 15 MB and can be used full day to use to access all the realm of the… Read More »

Unlimited Internet Package Axis-Internet Gaul

Internet gaul axis package is one of the products of a provider axis that is intended for internet customers who spend more time on internet for sosmed. Subscribers will enjoy unlimited access to social media such as facebook, twitter, google plus as much as the specified fair use limit Axis as a new provider of… Read More »