comments: 7 stuff you must avoid

By | 7 December 2017

one of the blessings of running a blog is the provision of comments. beyond the blog do comply with, commenting on a weblog is one of the methods to draw the attention of different bloggers and bloggers.

in an effort to attain this purpose, here are 7 things to keep away from while you touch upon other blogs. those seven matters are my observations and practices that may be of benefit to you.

1. Use the key phrases in the username segment

using this key-word is generally achieved by using individuals of an search engine optimization contest or blogger who desires the keywords to get a great function within the search engines like google. a real blogger might not have finished that. There are nevertheless many fashionable methods of doing search engine optimization.

2. Insert the posting link protected in a contest

this is the aim because the first point. typically, this hyperlink is a key-word or postal URL.

3. Use the submit URL

In principle, that is the same as points 1 and 2.

4. give comments without analyzing the submit

Commenting with out reading posts will bring about comments that aren’t online. similarly to complicated the owner of the blog, it also confuses different commentators.

5. offer general remarks

generally like this:

great put up
thrilling tips
appropriate suggestions
thank you
6. Ask for a return visit

I also try this whilst blogging first. however, I recognize that this technique is incorrect and useless. on occasion blog owners I touch upon do not have time to come back due to their busy time table.

One instance of this form of remark is: “waiting for a return visit sure”, “Drop by way of to my blog” ??, and so forth.

7. arrogant or say abusive

perhaps you’ve ever visible remarks like this: “you are free to do that … or” you’re a massive mistake … .. i’ve even visible such harsh comments on other blogs: “*** lu, this is only a success!

if you disagree with the weblog owner’s opinion, you need to specific it politely. Even in case you’re an professional inside the field, you continue to have to be type enough to inform them so that you recognize the proprietor of the weblog. it’s a good idea to consider the rice philosophy: the more it gets to the lower.

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