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The new blogger view updated by blogger in April 2013 is a little bit complicated for beginner bloggers who are just beginning to learn blogging or html edit learning stages. The main problem that is often experienced is the absence of a checklist button on Widget Widget Templates. While on other blogs discussing earlier blogger tutorials mostly use Expand Widget to insert a code code, either widget code, ad, code for template edit, etc.

The HTML edit menu in the look of the new blogger template is actually more neat than the old look if we look closely, because it looks organized and we can jump to a particular widget on the menu that has been provided (Jump to Widget). For code code hidden on Expand Widget formerly, has now been shown on the “►” button that has been compacted into the main html code as in the picture below.

In the new blogger view, many are looking for code code like]]> </ b: skin>, <data: post.body />, etc. which are used to install various kinds of widgets, such as facebook like, permalink, or ads. Here are some important code coding in the template (edit HTML).


Code]]> </ b: skin> in the latest blogger template look is located between the code <b: skin> … </ b: skin> at number 27 (sometimes different between one template with another template but maybe this code is on line 20).

Try to click on the “►” button, it will appear code between <b: skin> and </ b: skin>. Please skrool down then we will find the code]]> </ b: skin> (as in the picture below).

As in the picture above, the code]]> </ b: skin> is located at number 200.

CODE CODE <data: post.body /> ON LOGO BLOGGER

The next example we will look for code <data: post.body />. Similar to the code above, this code is also hidden between the code <b: widget id = ‘blog’ locked = ‘true’ title = ‘Blog Posting’ type = ‘Blog’> … </ b: widget> lines between 900 – 1000 numbers)

Try to click the “►” button then it will show the code again with another “►” button. Well, <data: post.body /> is between codes ► <b: includable id = ‘post’ var = ‘post’> as in the picture below. Please click and scrool down, then the code will appear.

The code looks like the picture below:

That’s the brief information about Edit HTML In Blogger Views. Another code code we can find for itself, because the code code in the old blogger view is the same as the new one, it just looks different. Good luck.


There are many blog templates that can be taken for free on the internet, but sometimes we find a good template but the layout does not match what we expect, for example no readmore, a little menu, too large sidebar, too wide template width, or color of the template is not suitable / less compatible. To overcome this, of course we have to edit our own blog template via HTML template blogger menu.

As an example would like to install readmore, ad code, permalink in blog posts then we look for code <data: post.body />, want to expand blog template then have to change code in # header-wrapper {, and others. And to locate the code code, simply press the CONTROL + F button together on the keyboard. To be more clear the following screenshots:

For example to find the data code: post.body then write / copy the code into the Search Box, then press ENTER, then the code can be found immediately.

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