How to Check Card Number All Carriers

By | 22 October 2017

Checking out your own card number is not a word that is strange to us. Sometimes people can forget the most important thing in their life, let alone forget the phone number they use. For writers the problem of forgetting the phone number has become a problem everyday, maybe because I have a lot of numbers and often interrupt the mobile operator so it makes me lazy to memorize the numbers. Phone number numbers in india are too many digits ranging from 10 to 12 digits, most of the 12 digits that make people reluctant to memorize them. The story again we have never recorded numbers from the simcard, My habit of buying a card if it’s out of pocket or bonus is just throw it in the trash

Forgot your own phone number can be a very annoying problem, eg when we get acquainted with someone then the person asks for our phone number, or when we will fill the pulse on the counter. I honestly have panicked when it will fill the pulse on the counter especially if the guard counter beautiful, to write a phone number in the list provided, suddenly forgets the memory, so shame even, it’s the same that keep the counter calculated by: D

These tips will be very useful if we find the first card in the street, then we want to know the number, when the number is pretty good, Useful also for you who like to change the number if you want to buy a credit on your old card, then do not need to be confused again remembering and asking about the card number

Things like the above that inspire me to make this post. These myself myself get from some of my friends who work as a counter guard, because the majority of the owners or guards of the counter must know How to Check All These Operators, But not just the people given know this way by them. Here I will give it for free, please read below

How to Check Card Number All Carriers


For this one operator we can check the number by pressing the code * 777 * 8 #


Type * 998 # then Send / Ok


We can check telkomsel card number with this dial up code * 808 #


How to check the simple axis number ie dial up code * 02 #


Be careful with this one operator often changing the code to check the number, if you do not want it please use the manual way below:

Dial * 123 #
Select My info, usually at number 7
Then select the number 3. Check your card then press send / OK
In the next menu select 1.Cek Profile
Last Select number 1.Info number. Your number will be displayed immediately
However if you are lazy to use the above method please use the short code ie * 123 * 7 * 3 * 1 * 1 #


For all CDMA cards (cheerful, flexy, smart, smartfreen, starone) we can check them using nokia hp media. I am using nokia for the past, for the model now please try it .type 3001 # 11111 #, then wait until the menu is out, then select NAM1, swipe down then select “Own Number”. You will exit the information and the number you use

How to check the card is relative and may change at any time without notice from the operator. Because the operator can easily change it. If the above method does not work please notify me via comment or via my contact you can find in the section on this blog. I will update it in the latest way

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