By | 22 October 2017

For blog owners, of course, they want to organize their blogs to look immaculate and not “monotonous”. It is also possible to put certain widgets, or just edit the upload of html code in the blog template, this time there is an info about how to install facebook like box on blog (blogspot). This is pretty easy for bloggers who want to connect blogs with fanspage on facebook. To install this widget make sure we’ve created the fanspage first on facebook. Here’s how to install it:
1. Login first to Facebook account
2. Open the new tab then copy paste the following url:, click enter to login. Then the page will appear as shown below:

3. Type / copy the facebook page url you want to install like facebook box on the blog, in the box FACEBOOK PAGE URL. Here we can adjust the width, height, and color schemes, then the preview will be like the picture below:

4. After LIKE BOX matches what you want, then click GET CODE. Then there will be several CODE options like HTML5, XFBML, IFRAME, and URL.

5. Click on the IFRAME option then click OK.

6. Copy the IFRAME CODE, click OK to close.
7. Open DASBOR on blogger then select LAYOUT.
8. Click ADD GADGET and look for the HTML / JAVA SCRIPT widget.
9. PASTE code IFRAME in the HTML / JAVA SCRIPT box then click SAVE.

Save settings, to save widget like facebook box on blog. View blog then widget like box already installed. Here are some tips on how to install facebook like box on blog.

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