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By | 22 November 2017

Almost all netter or Internet users everywhere love “download” activities, either download software, mp3, video, pictures, games, ebooks or other file files that you need to download. To create a download link, there are actually various alternatives. If you are a blog owner who wants to provide a link / download button for visitors, there is no harm in knowing how to create a download link on the blog and of course there will be variation of the variation.

Before discussing further there needs to be underlined here. In making links / download buttons on the blog, we will use free file storage services such as 4shared, ziddu, mediafire or indowebster. So if you do not have an account on the file storage site, create it first. How it works is that we will link the download link from the site to the blog via anchor text, image or button image.

The steps are as follows:
1. Login to DASBOR blogger to start creating posts / articles.
2. If you want to create a download link at the end of the article / post then just write the word DOWNLOAD.
3. Prepare the download link first which will be included in the DOWNLOAD text. (For example I will include a download link from 4shared in the form of java emulator software that I previously uploaded to 4shared)

4. Then block the DOWNLOAD text and enter the link inside it through the menu LINK, as in the picture below:

5. Click OK, and publish your post. Then the result will be as below (click):


Addition: If you want a new tab to open when you click Download, then add the target code = “_ blank” before the href in the HTML option, example: <a target = “_ blank” href = “ /JAVA_emulator.html “> DOWNLOAD </a>

If you want to create a download link using the image / insert link download into the image, here are the steps:
1. Open Blogger DASBOR to start posting.
2. Upload an image (anything) into the post you want to be a download link.
3. Once uploaded, click the image and enter the download link on the menu LINK.

Leave it blank on TEXT TO DISPLAY, because we do not use TEXT again, but rather use the image. The result is as in the picture below (click picture):


If you want another variation then we will try to make it by using the download button, The button here is the image (can be a gif format image) that resembles a button. You can search first on Google.

The trick is the same as the above, which distinguishes only the appearance of resembling moving buttons / images. The result will be as below:

Try to choose a color-rich image with a blog theme color, to make it look more natural and unobtrusive.

So here are some quick tips on how to create a download link on the blog. In addition to inserting the download link, the above ways can also be used to insert other link links. Hopefully useful.

One of the easiest ways to make the download button is the same way as the download button that uses the text anchor, simply add the <button> </ button> code, so the html code will look like this <a target = “_ blank” href = ” “> <button> DOWNLOAD </ button> </a>.

Downloading can also be changed as you wish, for example, “Play”, “View”, “Click Here”. “Book Hotel” etc. So the result would be this:


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