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Before discussing more about how to create a blog for beginners, let’s first discuss what the blog is and what the blog’s functionality is. This opening article please read if someone does not know or is just learning how to create a blog. Blog is a website that can contain a variety of posts, notes, and information that can be in the form of images, videos, or audio. This site is accessible to all internet users in the world according to the topic and purpose of the blog user.

In today’s digital age, blog users are growing. Not only adults are proficient at using this site. But many teenagers also share stories via blogs. Blog media was first popularized by The web owned by Pyra Labs has been acquired by Google’s largest search site since late 2002.

The functions of the blog are diverse, some use as regular daily diary, as a useful information channel for themselves or others, channeling hobbies, spending free time for positive activities, to a media publication in a political campaign. Using blogs for positive things can also benefit from bloggers. Here are some simple tips on how to create a blog for beginners by using a free blog provided by The word “beginner” here I assume that readers have never created a blog before, or just learned to create a blog.

Before starting to make blog better then think about what theme you want to get into blog, blog theme can be form of tourism, automotive, film and entertainment, music, media sharing, information, tips tips or even for the goods trading media. Surely this theme is free, it is up to us to create any themed blog.
1. First step, go to, the initial view as in the picture below:

Sign in using google account / gmail email. If you do not have a gmail account please create one first.

2. After signing into, we will be prompted to create a Google+ account (optional):

The use of Google+ profiles will give us identity in google property and connects us with readers, so readers can share and recommend the content we make to the web and Google+, but if we want to use another identity / pseudonym we can use Limited Blogger Profiles. (Optional). Next click CONTINUE TO BLOGGER.
3. Then click NEW BLOG, as in the picture below.

4. Next we will be taken to the page as below:


Fill in the blog title according to the theme we have previously specified.

This address will be used by blog visitors to open our blog when browsing on the Internet. For example I created a tour themed blog, I use the url address “”, in fact I want to create the url “” without the “-” sign. Since the address is no longer available (already used by others), then I add the “-” sign. But for writing the blog address is free, we can also use our own name to create a blog address.

Choose one of the templates provided by bloggers. In general the template can also be said as “external display” when the blog is opened. This template can be changed according to the wishes when it is already in DASBOR blogger.

Click CREATE BLOG, to continue.

5. Click on the blog that we created earlier, as in the example below (which is red) to enter BLOGGER DASHBOARD.


In this DASBOR, we can make our first post on the NEW ENTRI menu.

Simple explanation:
CLIENT: To view update information on blogs.
POS: To edit, or delete posts.
PAGE: To create a new page / tab menu on the blog.
COMMENT: To view comments from visitors who are logged on the blog.
GOOGLE +: Google+ account settings
STATISTICS: To see the number of views, the sources of traffic coming into the blog.
LAYOUT: To change the layout and layout of blog / gadget pages.
TEMPLATE: To edit the template view.
SETTINGS: General settings.

The blog is done, posting is gradually the original quality article (not copy paste) and unique, because the two are very favored by visitors and search engines. So simple tips on how to create a blog for beginners, hopefully useful.

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