By | 22 November 2017

How to create a .com or any other domain name. Before discussing more about .com or domain names, let’s browse what domain is. According to Wikipedia’s site, a domain is a unique name that is assigned to identify a computer server name such as a webserver or email server on a computer network or internet network. The function of a domain name is to make it easier for users to access the server, as well as to remember the name of the visited server without having to know the complicated number of rows known as IP / IP Addres. This domain name is also known as a union of a website such as Domain names are also called URL terms, or website addresses.

In addition to a domain with a .com end, there are many domains that have different suffixes such as .net, .info, .org, .edu, .biz, .gov, and so on either domain or subdomain. If we want to create a blog or website then we have to have a domain name and own domain there is a free there is also paid. If we want a paid domain we buy enough once in a year, it is actually better to rent than to buy. Another requirement to create a blog / website that must be fulfilled other than domains is hosting, because domains and hosting are the main requirements for decoding the sites we create. Self-hosting is the term for storing our web site data. As with domain, hosting is free, some are paid. The same system is also the domain of rent.

How to make .com the easiest thing in my opinion is, we make blogs first with blogspot then we just rent domain .com without having to rent a hosting, because we use free hosting provided by (blogspot). Surely free hosting has a disadvantage when compared to paid hosting. But if you want to create a website professionally it is advisable to have hosting and domains in person / not free, because we can change the website customization whenever the full control alias. There are so many program programs to create a website like wordpress, adobe dreamweaver, microsoft frontpage, or php designer.

So little discussion of how to create .com / domain names. To find out the price list of domain prices can be searched on google or places selling domain both online and offline. Good luck.

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