How to Make One web page full display the use of Fireshot

By | 7 December 2017

have you ever wanted to take a screenshot of an internet web page as an entire, however simply trap what is for your pc display screen? in that case, you might be the usage of an extended manner by using pressing the prt sc key to your computer’s keyboard.

forget the old manner and switch using Fireshot, a browser extension (browser) Firefox, Google Chrome, net Explorer, Seamonkey, and Thunderbird to retrieve, edit, and keep screenshots. This extension is unfastened and performs higher than comparable extensions.

if you use a Firefox browser, underneath are the stairs to create a full page screenshot of an internet web page.

putting in Fireshot

1. go to the add on Fireshot.

2. click the upload to Firefox green button to down load Fireshot.

upload to Firefox

three. upload-on downloading and software installation will seem. click on the installation Now button.

software set up

4. Restart your Firefox browser.

four. once effectively established, the Firefox icon (letter S in crimson historical past) will appear within the browser Toolbar menu.

Fireshot icon on Toolbar

Create Screenshots

5. go to the web or weblog you want to take the screenshot. for instance, I would like to take a full web page Blogodolar homepage screenshot.

6. click on the triangle sign up the Fireshot icon, then pick out capture whole web page …

capture complete page

7. pick shop …

save seize

eight. The display will seem to save screenshots at the computer. call and choose png inside the shop as kind section (see example below).

record name

9. Will seem stored effectively view. click the sure button to open the folder containing the screenshots which have been saved.

stored efficiently

10. Open a screenshot to make certain the entire page is taken. for example, click the image underneath.

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