How to Register Latest Unlimited Indosat Internet Package

By | 22 October 2017

Indosat’s unlimited Internet package is the latest release package from PT.INDOSAT. This internet pack is dedicated to those who want unlimited internet. Subscribers can enjoy unlimited internet packs with speeds of up to 1MBPS and fair use limit (FUP)

Lately, tariff war between operators is not just about phone packages and sms packs, now the teams from mobile operators are beginning to realize that in this digital age the internet is an essential need for everyone, From young children, young people to adults now can be separated from the name of the internet .Yes in this digital era people are more searching for information and doing things on the internet, So they are competing to offer cheap internet packages to attract many people using their products

Not only with indosat operators, indosat has been offering cheap internet packages that we have seen many on TV, roadside posters, as well as in stalls working with them. Apart from offering their internet packages they also follow in the footsteps of three by offering the first card Cheap internet with cheap price and we can find at counter and outlet all over indonesia

Back to the discussion about unlimited internet indosat packs. The acquired units can be used 24 hours full time with speed reach 1mbps, but if we have reached the limit of the fair use then the speed will decrease to 64kbps and still can be used to access the intenet

Here is a list of packages, prices, and FUP (Fair Use Limit)

we get unlimited internet pack with FUP (50MB), 24-hour active day, Rp5.000

2. Weekly
We get a unlimited internet package with FUP 200 MB, one week active from the date of purchase of the package
For the Rp50.000 we get an unlimited internet package with FUP 500 MB, one week active from the day the package registration

This package has 2 different tariffs of Rp50.000 and Rp 100,000
The Rp50.000 we get unlimited internet package with FUP 500 MB, one month active
Then for package Rp100.000 we get unlimited internet package with FUP 2 GB, one month active period from date of purchase of card

As a reference you can compare with cheap internet packages from three, read here alwayson internet packages from three .What do you think are interested in using this package? If you are interested then you can register this package in the following way
How to Register Unlimited Internet Package Indosat

1. Via SMS

Daily unlimited internet package: type UL (space) 5K to 363
Weekly unlimited internet package: type UL (space) 25K to 363
Paket unlimited monthly internet Rp50.000: ketik UL (spasi) 50K kirim ke 363
Paket unlimited monthly internet Rp100.00: ketik UL (spasi) 100K kirim ke 363
2. Through the dial up menu

type * 123 # OK / YES then select Super Internet

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