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How this internet banking standalone listing is addressed to Bank Mandiri customers who want to use the internet banking facility from Bank Mandiri. Bank Mandiri has been established since 25 years ago, on October 2, 1998. PT. Bank Mandiri (PERSERO) Tbk, headquartered in Jakarta. The bank is also the largest bank in the field of assets, deposits, and loans. Along with the development of technology and time, Bank Mandiri has been innovating new innovations in terms of e banking to serve its customers, such as Mandiri Internet Banking, Mandiri ATM, Mandiri SMS, Mandiri Mobile Android, Blackberry, & iPhone.

How to register internet banking is easy, the Customer can register through ATM Bank Mandiri and come directly to the nearest Bank Mandiri branch office. There are so many benefits and advantages of Internet Banking to be gained by customers. This Mandiri Internet Banking facility uses Internet data network which can be accessed via PC & Gadget device, so you do not have to go far to ATM if it’s just for doing banking transactions such as bank transfer, check balance, account mutation, monthly bill payment, credit, etc.


In order to use the Internet Banking facility from Bank Mandiri, you must meet the following criteria:
You must have a good Bank Account either a Savings Account, a Demand Deposit Account, or or any other currency.
You must have a Mandiri Debit Card if you want to register through ATM, and when you sign up with your nearest Mandiri Branch Office, you must show proof of ownership of Bank Mandiri’s Savings Account accompanied by a valid and valid Identity card (SIM, ID card, PASPOR).
If you do not have both points above, you can take care of it at the nearest Bank Mandiri branch.


To register via ATM, please visit our nearest Bank Mandiri ATM and follow the steps below:
1. Insert your Card into the ATM Machine, then select Bahasa Indonesia.
2. Type in your PIN number >> then press TRUE
3. In the Main menu please select REGISTRATION E BANKING.
4. Then there will be 3 types of services (SMS Banking, Internet Banking, and Call Center). Choose INTERNET BANKING.
5. Enter your PIN NUMBER >> then press TRUE >> press AGREE.
6. Next you will be asked to enter ACCESS CODE consisting of 6 Digits Figures. Please create an Acces Code by ENTER 6 DIGITS you create yourself >> then press TRUE.
7. Enter again the ACCES CODE >> then press TRUE
8. To end the COMPLETE button.

Then you will get the receipt of the printed transaction result from the ATM machine. This ACCESS CODE will be used for activation at BANK MANDIRI website (


Once you have Registered / Register Mandiri Internet Banking via ATM, the next step is to activate the Bank Mandiri website. Use PC / Laptop / Notebook to access website:
1. Go to >> then select AKTIVASI menu on the Mandiri Internet menu

2. Read the first INTERNET TERMS & CONDITIONS >> click AGREE.
3. Then you will be taken to the ACTIVATION page as shown below:

Enter ACCESS ID and your ACCESS CODE Internet Banking!

ACCESS ID: is your Card number (Debit card / ATM card) consisting of 16 Digits Figures.
ACCESS CODE: is the Password Number that was created during the Registration at the ATM.
If the code above code is filled up, please proceed with the click ON.

4. After that you will go to the creation page USER ID and PIN / PASSWORD

USER ID: Create a unique and easy-to-remember user ID, the formatting of characters is numeric and letter (6-10 letters and numbers). Example User ID: hanafi6659, make it easy to remember.
PIN: Make a New PIN to sign in to your account later, pin not to match ACCESS CODE. Make a PIN that is easy to remember but hard to guess.
Confirm Internet Banking PIN: Re-enter your PIN
Last click ON.
5. If the activation process is successful then there will be a notification that your USER ID and Internet Banking PIN can be used. Click LOGIN to sign in to your account. Then fill in the USER ID and PIN you have created. Next, you will perform Token Activation.


PIN Mandiri Token is an additional safety tool for internet banking transactions (Internet Banking). The PIN Token will display dynamic code that will always change when doing financial transaction. So banking transactions will be safer.

To get this Token PIN you must go to the nearest Bank Mandiri branch office. Costs for

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