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Few tips on how to remove labels on blogs. In the latest blogger look is a bit different from the look of the old blogger. One of the most common differences is the absence of the REMOVE LABEL menu if we want to remove the label. So as an alternative way to remove labels, we just replace the old labels (which we want to remove) to the new label. For more details I describe the case example.
For example I have a blog with article / reading theme, label for his blog as follows:
– Article Tokoh (as many as 10 posts / articles)
– News Articles (as many as 10 posts / articles)
– Computer Info (as many as 5 posts / articles)
– Internet Info (as many as 5 posts / articles)

Then I want to remove the Tokoh Artikel label and want to replace it with a new label named Tokoh Dunia, as in the picture below:

Here’s the steps.

Remove blog labels – First step:
Log in to Blogger then to the DASBOR menu.

Removing blog labels – Second step:
Select the POS menu, then find which posts / articles you want to remove the label. Then click EDIT (located below the post title list).

Removing blog labels – Third step:
Once clicked, it will appear as picture above. Then click LABEL on the menu to the right, it will automatically bring up the previous post label. Remove the label and type the new label you want to create. (As in the case of the above case).

Removing blog labels – Step four:
If you already click DONE on the label, then click UPDATE to end. Repeat all of the above for all posts with the same label. If all posts have been moved to a new label, then the old label will automatically DELETE itself, as it is empty (no posts inside the label).

So these easy tips on removing labels on blogs, this way also applies to moving posts from one label to another label. Good luck.

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