how to Use Google keyword Planner for the primary Time

By | 7 December 2017

Google key-word Planner is one of the loose tools that bloggers use for keyword research. lamentably, this tool isn’t always friendly to the individual that first used it.

as opposed to understanding some of key phrases, the person will be “dropped” into the web page creating the primary AdWords advertising and marketing marketing campaign. tremendous, dizzy, and stressful will commonly be skilled by way of folks that go to the web page.

How no longer, the intention is to realize the volume of search of a key-word and its applicable keywords, even as if “ordered” to create an ad campaign that ought to be paid by way of credit card.

Oh yes, this example page I mean is like this.

the first AdWords advertising campaign

properly, for those of you who could be using Google keyword Planner for the first time and do now not want to “fall into” the page above, comply with those steps.

1. go to Google key-word Planner (

2. click check in and enter your Gmail address and password.

sign up to key-word Planner

3. you may see the Welcome to Google AdWords page. this is wherein the secret’s to click on skip the guided setup.

click pass the guided setup

keep in mind, do no longer press the preserve button as you will visit the AdWords advert marketing campaign introduction web page.

four. at the web page that looks, re-input your Gmail cope with. united states of america, time zone, and foreign money are elective. After that, click the save and keep button.

Re-input email call

five. click on gear and select key-word Planner.

key-word Planner tools

6. click Get search volume information and traits.

Get seek volume information

7. type the keywords you want to check the hunt volume. may be a couple of in one test. within the u . s . focused on phase, pick Indonesia. retain via clicking Get search quantity.

type a keyword and pick out focused on

8. See the consequences that seem. Examples below.

show ideas thoughts

nine. to check other key phrases, kind the keywords inside the input keywords field and click on Get search quantity.

So these short tips use Google key-word Planner for the first time with the aim of keyword research. For those of you who’ve “fallen into” an AdWords ad campaign page, the solution is to create a new Gmail.

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