By | 22 November 2017

Before discussing labels on blogging, let’s first talk about what labels are on the blog. The labels in the blog can be said as “category”, the description is largely like this. If we make a movie-themed blog for example, then we are diligent every day posting a movie about either a video, or a synopsis. But we do not classify the film by genre / type. In-film genres include horror movies, action, comedy, drama, romance, and so forth. If this happens then how random the random postings in our blog. Well to avoid such a thing then we use labels.

From the results of the above description it can be concluded that the main function of the label on the blog is to group posts by predetermined categories. This grouping makes it easier for bloggers who want to read / see articles so they do not have to worry about searching and viewing the entire blog post. It also makes it easier for blog managers to search and group what kind of posting categories you want to add to your blog.

Suggestion: After completing a good posting of an article, an image, or a video do not publish it immediately, make it the label first. Because this label is very useful.
That’s a bit of a quick review of the label’s functionality on the blog. Good luck.

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