Paket Biaya Tarif Murah indosat IM3 SMS Rp 0,1

By | 22 October 2017

The low cost package of indosat IM3 0.1 was once boming at the beginning of 2013, this package provides innovative phone packages and cheap sms for a complimentary 250 SMS and phone tariff of Rp 0.1 for a whole day. But as time goes by the packet is replaced by the presence of new innovative packages, whereas old packages like these are cheaper than the packages currently offered

Once the first time the appearance of this package we can enjoy free up to 250 sms after we send 2 SMS with tariff Rp125 / sms. Time sms indosat tariff is still Rp 125, then changed to Rp150, -, besides tariff sms cheap cheap package indosat It also has a phone rate that will not make our bags drained, claiming the tariff is only Rp 0.1 per second

Requirements to get bonus on our credit at least Rp5.000 so if our credit below is the bonus we can get 50 SMS, so make sure your credit is above 5000 yah, much better

While for the moment the cheap package indosat IM3 SMS Rp0.1 has got the update and changed its tariff scheme, if we were required to send 2 sms, now we are obliged to send 3 sms to customers in java island, while outside Java is luck because the tariff scheme is unchanged, ie only send 2 sms paid next free 250 SMS .Bonus SMS here is 250 SMS indosat indosat and for other operator we are rewarded 25 SMS bonus .Such as follows

SMS Rate To All Carriers

1.Pulau jawa

Send 3 further SMS free 250 SMS indosat and 25 SMS to other operator, minimum credit Rp5.000, below bonus only 50 SMS

2. Outside of Java Island

Send 3 sms SMS free for 250 sms indosat SMS and 50 sms to other operator, minimum credit Rp5.000, below bonus only 50 SMS

On top of this is the sms tariff of cheap package indosat IM3 SMS Rp0.1 this, for the phone tariff is also fairly cheap but unfortunately divided between the island of Java and outside the island of Java, then divided again into 3 different time ie morning and evening. I will explain the following tariff scheme:

Im3 SMS packet line phone Rp0.1

At 00:00 – 11:00 (Rp75 / 5 second first, until second 25 second, Second second Rp 0.5 / 5 second)
11:00 – 17:00 (Rp75 / 5 second first, until second 90 second. Next Rp0.5 / 5 second)
At 17:00 – 24:00 (Rp75 / 5 second first, take second to 140. Next next Rp0,5 / 5 second)
How are you interested in using this cheap package from this indosat, if you are interested and intend to use the following way to move or sign up for this cheap package

1. Via SMS

Type REG (space) IM3 send to 2020

2. Via Menu dial up

If the above method does not work on your friend’s card then another alternative is to use dial up menu, ie
* 123 * 4 * 5 * 4 # Call / Ok then select registration

Terms and Conditions

SMS Bonus is obtained if the remaining balance is Rp1.000
SMS rates to get free SMS bonus ie Rp200 / sms on Java Island and Rp100 / sms outside Java Island
If the credit below Rp1.000 then the sms tariff is valid Rp150 / sms java island and Rp100 / sms outside the island of Java
International SMS is not included in the use of pulses earning SMS bonus
SMS rate to fellow indosat after bonus runs out is Rp150 / sms
SMS rates to fellow indosat after the bonus runs out is Rp50 / sms
SMS rates to all operators after the bonus runs out Rp50 / sms (applicable nationwide)
Programs may change at any time without prior notice

I recommend for my friend who is outside the island of Java to use this package, because it is so much cheaper than ours in Java, while in Java I think about it as a reference to read my articles below

. First of all, thank you for reading the article of the Paket Paket Tariff for indosat IM3 SMS Rp 0.1

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