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By | 25 November 2017

US Card Internet Packages, Optima Flash. This is one of the telkomsel mainstay internet services that will provide super fast and controllable internet experience without fear of additional charges, this package is dedicated to lightweight internet users especially for handpgone users, for modem users and heavy internet users please use the internet sympathy package, which is recommended for heavy internet users

Telkomsel itself is the largest mobile service provider in Indonesia with reach reaching almost all Indonesia area supported by 37,000 bts towers spread across Indonesia, telkomsel subscribers spread from sabang to merauke and is the operator who has the most users among other competitor operators

With a strong telkomsel network supported by hundreds of thousands of bts this is so we will get fast and very stable internet experience, no worry network problem because telkomsel is the operator with the strongest network in indonesia, download will be faster and streaming video without buffering

Back to the internet pack of ass, flash optima packs, this package has a variety of tariffs and schemes that we can use and tailor your needs. Starting from Rp6.000 per day, this package is unlimited internet package but internet speed will be lowered when it has reached their fair use limits, Tariffs vary depending on the zone and your location. Here is a list of information from the optimum flash internet package

Flash Optima As Packaging Information

1. Packages Rp6.000

We can enjoy unlimited internet packs with a limit of 40 MB, then speed will be lowered, this package can be used for 24 hours in one day

Zone A: $ 0.60
Zone B: $ 7
Zone C: $ 8
Zone D: Rp9.000
Zone E: $ 1
Zone F: $ 12

2. Packages Rp11.000

We will get a unlimited internet package that can be used for 24 hours, having a fair use limit of 85 MB, 1 day active

Zone A: $ 11
Zone B: Rp13.000
Zone C: $ 15
Zone D: $ 17
Zone E: $ 10
Zone F: $ 22

3. Packages Rp60.000

We can enjoy unlimited internet packs that can be used for 24 hours, 500 MB MB and 14 days active

Zone A: $ 60
Zone B: $ 70
Zone C: $ 8
Zone D: Rp80.000
Zone E: $ 90
Zone F: $ 12

4.Paket Rp130.000

We will take on unlimited internet packages that can be enjoyed for 24 hours, a 2 GB limit of use, and 30 days of active

Zone A: Rp130.000
Zone B: Rp140.000
Zone C: Rp160,000
Zone D: Rp180.000
Zone E: $ 20
Zona F: Rp225.000

To know your home zone please go to my article lizt Zona Paket Internet Telkomsel

How to Opt in Optimal Flash Packages

We can register this package in various ways, such as via UMB telkomsel code, through SMS, or register through telkomsel site

1. Via UMB code

Type * 363 # directly from your phone, then scroll and select “Flash Optima-Based Quota”

2. Via SMS

Not Automatic Extended (applies only for package Rp6.000 and Package Rp60.000, How to Type UL (space) ON (space) PRICE PACKAGE send to 363

Automatically extended when packet runs out and enough pulse, how to type UL (spaces) REG (spaces) PACKAGE PRICE send to 363

3. Through the Telkomsel Website

Please access

Although this is an unlimited package, it is a good idea to routinely monitor the use of our internet package, to save and know when to time to buy internet packets again. To check this package we can do it via sms format:
Type UL INFO to 3636

How to Unsubscribe Optima Flash Packages

Via SMS with typed format UL OFF send to 3636
Via * 363 # then OK / YES

Before you sign up for this package please do not forget to read the terms and conditions of this package, so that we are more free to enjoy this internet telkomsel package, here are the terms and conditions of the optimum flash internet package

Terms and Conditions

Applies only to prepaid card customers sympathy, Ass Ass, and unlimited prime flash
The price includes VAT
Valid for domestic customers (international roaming will be charged separately)
After passing the fair use limit then the speed will be reduced to 16kbps, at no additional charge
Customers can purchase Turbo Packages ($ 50 and $ 10) to increase internet speed once the quota limits are exceeded
So this article hopefully useful buddy, do not forget to share well so that other customers enjoy this cheap package, so I thank you have read the article Internet Telkomsel Flash Packages, Flash Optima

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