Phenomenon of Mobile Carrier Tariff Phenomenon

By | 22 October 2017

Current carrier tariff wars are a common thing we feel. This is my first post in this blog. Before I introduce my name ahmad suryanto, I’m 20 years old I live in a remote village near the merapi mountain. An unemployed person who tries to fortune by being a blogger, and always dreamed of benefitting many people with this little blog media. For you I would like to welcome this blog hopefully this blog can continue to benefit all of us.

Once again I say Welcome to the Mobile Operator Tariff War blog. This blog I created to dedicate knowledge and tips about operator tariffs in Indonesia. And the payment scheme scheme of payments and sms packets, phone, internet I know. Maybe this blog does not will help a lot, but I’ll always give you the best possible tips so you can know which cellular operators provide the best possible facilities and services for customers

Later all mobile operators are rushing to get many customers and it is inevitable that inter-carrier tariffs will occur, especially ahead of Lebaran as it is today. They are competing to provide the lowest possible tariff and provide many bonuses like free daily sms bonuses. with free fun like that it will attract many customers and most likely will move or switch from one operator to another

They offer many sample bonuses xl which offers thousands of sms to the operator, indosat offers hundreds of sms bonuses to all daily operators and 0.1 sms tariffs. Which is a problem if the sms bonus is totally free to all operators? In fact, if we look closely, there is no coke operator who gives the bonuses absolutely free and unconditional, the fact that the bonus mechanism is as follows:

Here is the Actual Tariff Mechanism

1. Sharing for carrier operator and all operator

We are given a free sms bonus after sending a few sms However the bonus accumulation is 90% operator’s error and only 10% can be used to other operators

2. Limited time limit

Many sms bonuses are given but limited time, eg from 12:00 until 09:00 am. If it is past the specified time limit the bonus meal will be charred or lost, Furthermore, the tariff mechanism repeats

3. Must have the main pulse of a thousand rupiahs

We will get a free sms bonus provided we have to have the main pulse as much as they have specified, if not fulfilled then bonus will not apply

And there are still many other terms and conditions that will strangle and make us unreasonably use the services of each operator. Unfortunately these terms and conditions have never been stated directly in front of consumers, they only include the terms and conditions in their official website, which does not necessarily mean that all customers can access the website.

Because of the above matters we as customers need to be more appealing to choose which operators we will use. Also do not be lazy to read the terms and conditions of the tariff scheme so that we do not feel fooled by the promotion of the carrier tariffs

Surely all the operators have the advantages and disadvantages of each of your choice to use them. It is expensive or expensive that is relative and can not be leveled. The most important Adapt to our needs and the quality of the signals in your place, as much as tariffs and as much bonuses as given that all of them will not be useful if there is no signal: D .Hehe grandmothers have also known

So this article, hopefully can benefit many people and make us more alert to the phenomenon of tariff war between operators here, to find you in the best place, and again I have read the article Mobile Warfare Tariff article

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