Telkomsel Flash-Flash Turbo Internet Package

By | 25 November 2017

This turbo flash internet package is one of the products of telkomsel flash internet package consisting of ultima package, optima package and midhight package. The above package has internet tariff scheme that can be tailored to your needs, whether lightweight internet user or heavy internet and can be used for smartphone , tablet and modem

The turbo pack is a special telkomsel flash package that offers additional quota and internet speed up to speed again (depending on the customer’s initial internet packet) if the customer has exceeded the specified user-defined limit and the customer is still in an active time internet packet used

Telkomsel flash internet packages offer free unlimited internet packages for various purposes, whether accessing social media, browsing the internet, downloading / uploading and streaming video. It also provides unlimited midnight packs that can only be used during early hours starting from 00:01 until at 08:59

Although the packages offered by telkomsel are above unlimited but all unlimited packages will have a fair use scheme or a fair use limit if the customer has been using the internet beyond the prescribed fair use limit then the speed will be reduced drastic up to a maximum of only 16kbps at no extra charge.With speed as it will surely make the customer feel very uncomfortable using the internet + will make our head boil because of the emotion because of the super slow internet network

To overcome the decrease in internet speed due to the limit of the use of the decent set then the customer can restore the internet speed as it was originally using this turbo package, this package consists of various packages with different prices and quotas. And the active period of this turbo package follows the active packet life previously used, following the info package turbo

Turbo Telkomsel Flash Packages Info

1. Packages Rp25.000

By purchasing this package then the customer will get an additional quota of 500 MB, actively following the previous package


Zone A: Rp25.000
Zone B: Rp25.000
Zone C: Rp30, 000
Zone D: Rp35, 000
Zone E: $ 40
Zone F: $ 5

2. Packages of $ 50

By purchasing this package then the customer will get an additional 1.2 MB of quota, the active period of the previous package


Zone A: $ 50
Zone B: $ 55
Zone C: $ 60
Zone D: Rp70.000
Zone E: $ 75
Zone F: $ 10

3. Packages Rp100.000

By purchasing this package then the customer will get an additional 2.5GB quota, the lifetime of this package corresponds to the internet packet used earlier


Zone A: $ 10
Zone B: Rp110.000
Zone C: $ 12
Zone D: Rp130.000
Zona E: Rp140.000
Zone F: $ 20

How to Apply Turbo Packages

We can register this cheap internet package via sms with format
Type TURBO (space) PRICE to 3636

Terms and Conditions

1.Customer can use this package after fair use
2. Once the customer buys this package then the internet speed will be reset as before (the speed of the internet pack used earlier) and after the turbo package quota is exhausted then the internet speed will be lowered
3. If the previous Customer still has fair use of the previous package (both from internet package and turbo package) and the customer returns this package back then the previous fair use will expire

How are you if you want to buy this turbo package or even re-register the package that you use. All of it is your own choice. I only provide a little bit of info about this package. This article hopefully useful and useful for many people sorry for the many errors in this article , Thank you for reading the Telkomsel Flash-Flash Turbo Internet Package article

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