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By | 25 November 2017

This Midnight Flash Unlimited package is the latest internet package from telkomsel, this package is intended for heavy internet users whose use of the Internet is larger than other users, such as downloading large file uploads from the internet, or streaming video that will definitely be consuming large quota. Well, this package is presented to meet the needs of this package that provides big cities but at very cheap prices, ranging from Rp2500 / day, we can get unlimited internet packs with a 300 MB fair use limit

As the name suggests Night or Midnight Packages FlashUnlimited is a cheap unlimited internet package with fair use / fair use fairly large but this package can only be used on the pocong clock only starting from 00:01 until 08:59 is very affordable as a comparative package The other night’s internet operator can only be used until at 06:00 next we will be boring to wait midnight again

This package is perfect for those who like to download, apload or streaming video, on this evening traffic internet data is being relaxed so we will get the maximum speed, plus the powerful telkomsel network available everywhere it will make internet speed getting more stable, telkomsel is the largest and most experienced operator in Indonesia, with the support of 37,000 tower bts scattered from sabang to meraoke

Back to the Flash Unlimited package, this package can be registered through prime sympathy. Card as well as initial flash, the speed of this package is 7.2 mbps for prime sympathy and pardana flash while for the card as will get speed up to 3.6 mbps, and if it has exceeded the limit of reasonable usage speed will be lowered according to the telkomsel policy.Here’s the info and price of packets based on zones and packet life

Fun Night or Midnight Flash Unlimited info

1.Paket Rp 2,500

By purchasing this package then the customer will get an unlimited internet package that can be used at 00: 01-08: 59, this 300 MB MB usage limit, and one day active

Zone A: Rp2.500
Zone B: Rp3, 000
Zone C: Rp3.500
Zone D: Rp4.000
Zone E: Rp5.000
Zona F: Rp5.000

2. Packages Rp7.000

By purchasing this package, customers will get unlimited internet packages that can be used at 00: 02-08: 59, with fair use / 2 GB usage limit and 7-day active period, Up to 7.2 mbps speed

Zone A: $ 7
Zone B: $ 8
Zone C: $ 9
Zone D: $ 11
Zone E: $ 1.20
Zone F: $ 15

3. Packages Rp30, 000

By purchasing this package then customers will enjoy unlimited internet packages speeding up to 7.2 mbps which can be used at 00: 01-08: 59 .Fair use or a fair use limit of 3 GB and a 30-day active package

Zone A: Rp30, 000
Zone B: Rp30, 000
Zone C: $ 3.50
Zone D: $ 40
Zone E: $ 5
Zone F: $ 60

4. Packages Rp55.000

By purchasing this package customers will get unlimited internet packages speed up to 7.2 mbps and can be used at 00: 01-08: 59, with a fair use / 8 GB usage limit and 30-day active package


Zone A: $ 55
Zone B: Rp65, 000
Zone C: Rp75.000
Zone D: Rp80.000
Zone E: $ 90
Zona F: Rp110.000

To find your place zone please go to my article List List Zone Internet Telkomsel .cari city where you live in the zone list

How to Apply Fun Night or Midnight Flash Unlimited Packages

Customers can sign up for this cheap package in 3 ways through UMB code, through SMS, as follows:

1. Through UMB

Type * 363 # directly from hp / modem, then select the “Telkomsel Flash” menu, then select the “Flash Quota Based-Optima” menu, finally select “midnight”

2. Via SMS

Type FUN (space) ON (space) Delivery Price to 3636. Next customer will get notification sms that the package has been successfully activated

To monitor and check the status of this package, the customer can use several ways ie via SMS with FUN format (space) INFO send to 3636. Or by UMB sound * 363 # YES / Ok then select “status check” ie via telkomsel’s official website

Terms and Conditions

This package only applies to prepaid subscribers sympathy, prime flash, and card
Not applicable to postpaid customers
Packages are not automatically renewed (once purchase)
Once the fair use limit is exhausted then the customer will get a maximum speed of 1 kbps
Use outside the designated midnight package will cost you a regular fee or use another package (if any)
The active lifetime of the 30 day package has been activated
The price includes VAT
APN (Acces Point Name) used Inte

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