Telkomsel-Simpati Talkmania Cheap Package

By | 12 November 2017

Cheap telkomsel packages. Telkomsel as one of the largest operators in Indonesia continues to strive to provide the best service For consumers many ways consumers have done since they are improving their network strengths, and offer many services that will make customers satisfied with this telkomsel

Telkomsel has the strongest network of diindonesia supported by tens of thousands of BTS towers spread throughout the republic of Indonesia. With the support of the network it is no wonder that nowadays telkomsel has earned many awards from local and international agencies. It is also surprising that today Telkomsel is a mobile provider with the largest number of users in Indonesia

In order to meet market demands and levy a tariff war from the next operator, Telkomsel continues to innovate by presenting various services that provide fare and abundant bonuses for those who use it. One of the latest and most popular services is Simpati Talkmania

Sympathy Talkmania is specially made For telkomsel customers who use Sympathy cards, only temporary sympathy For the ass and halo cards can not enjoy this service, but customers of kartu as and halo can still enjoy other cheap packages owned by telkomsel. Talkmania offers a variety of packages with tariff which can be tailored to the needs of customers, amongst the packets, among others

Talkmania Simpati Package

1.Talkmania Regular
2.Auto Talkmania
3.Talkmania Regional
4.Talkmania Super
5.Talkmania Jumbo
6.Talkmania Super

Telkomsel subscribers who use the sympathy card can also enjoy talkmania packs For a daytime and nightly phone call to fellow telkomsel subscribers. To enable day talkmania packs and talkmania tonight then customers can use two ways ie via UMB code and via SMS as follows

How To Register Talkmania Day And Takmania Night

1. Through Code UMB

Type * 999 # from your phone and click OK / YESS

2.Sign up for SMS Talkmania sympathy

Talkmania Siang
Type TM (space) ON to send to 8999
Talkmania Malam
Type TM (space) ON to send to 8999

Registration time starts at 01:00 for talktime daylight hours and 17:00 until 23:30 pm for night talkmania package, while usage time For lunch talkmania package from 01:00 to 18:00 while For night talkmani starts at 17 : 00 to 24:00 .Tarif To buy this talkmani package is different For each area so do not be surprised if your friends or relatives tariffs out of town are cheaper than your tariffs

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If you have not been using telkomsel sympathetic cards then you can buy the prime sympathy card at the nearest outlet with starting price of Rp5000. And enjoy various bonus offered by telkomsel like bonus 100 sms to telkomsel, bonus 1 MB internetan, and bonus NSP gratis

For customers of sympathy cards who want to use this talkmania sympathy package then you can do the transfer of the package at a cost of Rp3.000

What if you are interested in using this cheap telkomsel service? With a cheap packet and a strong telkomsel network it will provide you with satisfaction. This article is hopefully helpful, sorry for any errors in this article. Thank you and have read the article Packages Cheap Telkomsel-Simpati Talkmania

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