Unlimited Axis Smartphone Package

By | 22 October 2017

Cheap Axis Smartphone Packages This package is one of the flagship axis provider packages, this package is for you who use a smartphone that has a huge intrernet needs and the need for phone and sms that can be used at any time, in addition to the smartphone axis package also has a daily package , slang, and blackberry packagesAs we know this digital age many emerging smartphones will make you able to access the internet in real time, and can connect with friends or boyfriend anytime through social media and dozens of chating apps. But with the sophistication of smartphones and its applications will definitely need large internet quota and unlimited internet packages are the right choice for smartphone internet.Axis has realized this by issuing a smartphone package that can be enjoyed by all customers within the axis network

This package will provide unlimited internet service for you smartphone users with a set limit of use, This smartphone package also gives you thousands of phone bonuses and thousands of sms bonuses to other operators that will make you more comfortable using the smartphone you have

So with a single package you will enjoy many benefits and can be used for things like phones, sms, and internet that can be used at any time, from 34,900 per month so you can watch unlimited internet packages for one month along with a bonus of hundreds of minutes of calls and thousands of sms to other operators. Here’s an Internet axis smartphone packet info

Package Smartphone Internet Package

Package Smartpone Basic
Premium Smartphone package
Rp69, 900
FUP 800 MB
FUP 1.5 GB
Free Internet Unlimited
200 minutes call to all axes
200 SMS to all axes
Free Internet Unlimited
Complimentary phone and sms are free to the sesame axis
1000 SMS to other operators

This smartphone package has an active period of one month since it was activated, this package can be tailored to your needs so we will be more comfortable using this cheap internet package. Supported stable axis network and has reached the entire island of Java, Sumatra and several other islands will further increase Your convenience explores the smartphone you have

How to Apply Smartphone Packages

Press * 123 * 2 * 7 # Ok / YES then select the “Smartphone Packages”

Although this is an unlimited package, the package still has a reasonable limit of 800 MB for the basic smartphone package and 1.5 GB for premium smartphone packs. If the customer has exceeded the preset limit set, then the speed will be lowered without any additional charge

Terms and Conditions

Price includes Ppn 10%
This package can be enjoyed by every customer who is on the axis network
Package does not apply to employees, and postpay customers
Packages can not be used for premium sms and international sms
Fair use limit (FUP) / fair use
Basic smartphone package: 800 MB
Premium smartphone package: 1.5 GB
The 30 Day package is active
Check use press * 887 #
Rates, validity and schemes may change at any time without prior notice

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Thus this article is made, hopefully useful, thank you for reading the Unlimited Axis Smartphone Package article

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