Your Google AdSense Earns Down? attempt these five Steps

By | 7 December 2017

one of the most regularly requested questions of Blogodolar readers is what steps to take if earnings from Google AdSense (GA) is down. For me, this query is incredibly hard due to the fact the lower in GA earnings is motivated by way of different factors. but, it is nugatory to strive the subsequent five steps.

1. Do now not panic

The drop in profits from GA simply makes you confuse, however the first step in doing it isn’t always to panic. In other phrases, just relax because different GA publishers have skilled it too. let’s assume it’s normal.

2. View earnings for the ultimate 90 days

the second step you want to do is have a look at your GA profits trends. you could see it in GA 30 days or ninety days final GA. in my opinion, i’d as an alternative see the today’s ninety day income developments.

To know your final ninety day profits, set the date in the Date range characteristic positioned on the top proper of your GA account (in case you’re having hassle counting the ultimate 90 days, see our quick manual on how to Calculate the remaining 90 Days). As an illustration, here is the screenshot of remaining ninety days earnings (Sept 23 – Dec 21, 2014) one in all my English-speakme area of interest blogs.

ultimate 90 days earnings

After that, click the page perspectives tab in order that a blue line appears indicating the number of page views. For greater details, see the following picture.

ultimate ninety days income plus web page perspectives

As you may see from the photo above, those recent ninety-day income offer a touch that GA’s earnings lower is steady with decreased page perspectives. The downturn of this page perspectives is manifestly closely related to the drop in traveller numbers.

What if GA income drop, however traffic is consistent or maybe up? this may be because of a lower in value according to click (CPC) or starting place of site visitors (as an example from India). each of those elements may be diverted by using experimenting to resizing, positioning, or showing GA ads.

three. View traffic information in Google Analytics

If the site visitors is the motive, the subsequent step is to view the site visitors statistics in Google Analytics. take note of the Google Analytics key phrases feature so you can recognize what key phrases are down.

In comparison to factor 2 above, in this 0.33 step you need to examine key-word records every month within the last ninety days. as an example, keywords from December versus November, and November versus October.

4. submit a brand new publish

the next step is to put up the contemporary posts. in case your blog is a gap weblog that contains just below 10 posts, view keywords which have a high CPC price (above $ 2). hopefully, profits will be boosted up despite the fact that visitors has now not risen.

in case your blog is a blog of authority, bypass the CPC price. only post great posts as a lot as possible. The aim is, to make the posts deliver traffic from their lengthy tail keywords (long tail key phrases).

five. add back-links

The closing step is to boom the range of oneway links. you can upload one way links with the aid of commenting on other humans’s blogs (do follow and no follow) or growing the wide variety of personal weblog networks you have. other resources are social bookmarking websites and internet 2.0 (e.g.,,, and so on).

lower in GA revenue may be because of site visitors or other elements (eg, CPCs losing even as site visitors is consistent or up). If traffic is the purpose, the five steps that I gift above are worth your try.

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